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Melbourne Food and Fashion Capital of Australia

Sharing passions for food, fashion, sport and culture, Melbourne and Milan are natural economic and cultural partners.

Milan became Melbourne’s newest sister city in March 2004. The relationship acknowledges the vibrant Italian community in Melbourne and the many similarities between Melbourne and Milan. So being the food and fashion capital of Australia, Melbourne is the ideal city to host La Dolce Italia.

With an estimated 600,000+ Italians now living in Melbourne and regional Victoria, we have the largest Italian community in Australia. It’s the ideal location for an event celebrating all things Italian.

In no small part due to its strong Italian cultural influence, Melbourne is widely regarded as the country’s premier style destination. Melbournians are at the cutting edge of Australian and international fashion and are captivated by Italian cuisine and culture.

With 233 languages spoken on the streets of Melbourne, the city is a cultural melting pot where locals and visitors alike embrace the myriad of opportunities to experience and learn about different cultures. Well deserving of the ranking of “world’s most liveable city” for four consecutive years, Melbourne tourism is booming for both national and international visitors.

Melbourne’s fusion of heritage and cutting-edge, modern architecture, café-filled laneways, funky bars and restaurants, quirky galleries and flagship fashion boutiques all contribute to the city’s warm and vibrant energy. Just outside of the city centre, the energy changes and visitors are entranced by the spacious parks and village-like inner suburbs, each with its own unique character drawn from the cultural history of it’s residents and creating a great love and pride in all who live there.

But sometimes, the best part of visiting a new city is when you leave the tourist trail. While the big attractions can be great fun, often it’s the more subtle “insider” experiences that leave you feeling really satisfied. In Melbourne’s welcoming and thriving city and suburbs, exciting adventures and exquisite experiences await you.


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