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About La Dolce Italia

Italy’s enduring cultural legacy, passion for life lived to its fullest and appreciation of the finer things will be on display as Melbourne plays host to La Dolce Italia 2016. The calendar of events will expose Australia to the richness of the Italian way of life, focusing on food, fashion, culture, family and the arts.

From the early days of the Victorian Gold Rush, to the birth of the modern café-culture, the Italian influence on Melbourne’s identity and way of life has enhanced all Melbourne has to offer.

Now the second largest ethnic group in Melbourne, Italian artisans over the years have instilled in our society an appreciation for deliciously simple al fresco dining, luxurious fashions and a great passion for sport and art. Italian phrases have effortlessly become a part of our language and Carlton’s Lygon St, the ‘Little Italy’ of Melbourne, is a popular district for those seeking the pleasures of Italian culture and cuisine, without the travel… — Read More